Alexis | Il Celeste | In Tres Parti || Fashion and Beauty Editorial

This story was somewhat impromptu, but the idea was something that had been stirring in my mind for a while. As I have progressed in my understanding of studio lighting, I’ve lately sought to simplify how I create soft inviting lighting. This was an experiment testing a configuration I thought of based on a more abstract conceptualization of lighting, considering how I might use the tools I have to create my favorite soft lighting: window light.

This simply used two strobes firing into the white side of a partially folded V-Flat and letting the resulting light come back out towards my subject through a white sheet for diffusion. I had essentially created a massive 8ft x 5ft softbox; a giant window. This way I got the consistency of strobe with the broad diffuse characteristics of window lighting. To complement this, Alexis, a splendid makeup artist as well as model, created two different natural makeup looks to go with each segment of the story.

Model: Alexis Broderick [Instagram]

For the beauty look, the setup was unchanged with the exception of bringing Alexis closer to the light for stronger, slightly crisper illumination. 

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